ITT Corporation Senior Purchasing Engineer_KN in Wuxi, China

Job Description:

  1. Responsible for commodities for Koni business 负责 KONI 减震器业务中的采购相关工作

  2. Develop & implement commodity sourcing strategy to meet business requirement in terms of cost, quality and delivery and service 开发并实施零件采购战略来满足业务在成本、质量和交货及服务方面的需求

  3. Lead development of capable supply base 主导开发有能力的供应商

  4. Good collaboration with MT global to provide support and leverage 与运动技术全球良好合作,提供支持

  5. Negotiate contract agreements 合同谈判

  6. Monitor supplier performance and drive continues improvement 监控供应商绩效及进行持续改进

  7. Pursue total cost ownership (TCO) reduction 追求总成本降低

  8. Capable of providing any other tasks or support as requested by superior 有能力接受来自上级分配的其他工作或者支持

  9. Other works assigned by the superior 上级安排的其他工作




ITT Motion Technologies



EEO Statement:

Minimum Education Requirements:

BS/BA Degree or Equivalent

Paid Relocation Available?:


Percent of Travel Required:

up to 50%

Position Title:

Senior Purchasing Engineer_KN

Skills and Experience:

  1. Bachelor degree or above with preferred major in Mechanical or Technical area 本科或以上学历,最好是机械或相关技术专业

  2. 10+ years experiences in purchasing, sourcing or supply chain management at multinational company, over 3 year management experience 有国际公司(欧美)在采购、开发或供应链管理 10 年以上工作经验, 3 年以上管理方面经验

  3. Able to work under pressure and challenge 能够在压力下工作

  4. Strong negotiation, cooperation and communication skills 很强的谈判、合作和沟通能力

  5. Good analytical skills, attention to details, well organized 很好的分析技巧,关注细节,思路清晰,组织有条理

  6. Strong sense of responsibility, team work style and able to work independently 强烈的责任感,团队合作作风,能够独立工作

  7. Customer oriented 以客户为导向

  8. Experienced at matrix organization 有矩阵组织的经验

  9. Smart, initiative for problem solving and continuous improvement 主动发起并巧妙地解决问题,持续改进意愿和能力

  10. Positive attitude 积极的态度

  11. Good change management 很好的变化管理

  12. Good experience in Excel, PPT and SAP system 很好的运用 excel, ppt 和 SAP 系统

Work Location: